*Prices subject to change without notice due to market fluctuation.*

Truck/Trailer Prices


Moretown802 223 0509
New Haven802 877 1229
Pittsford802 483 2802

Steel (Magnetic) :

Vehicle Prices


​​Vehicles: We take in all makes and models to be crushed and recycled. 
Please note that cars 15 years or newer require a Title** 

Equipment Farm or Construction (Oversize):

Lite Iron 



Lite Iron​

Trucks and Trailers:

Moretown802 223 0509
New Haven802 877 1229
Pittsford802483 2802

GHR Metal Recycling

Ferrous Materials

All appliances, loose metal

Refrigerators and air conditioners must be

evacuated off all refrigerants    

A charge of $10 will be deducted for all propane tanks with valves

Weight may be deducted for tires

#1 Steel/Cast Iron (2 foot x 5 foot or less)​150/ton

#1 Steel Unprepared (Steel over 2 foot x 5 foot)


Brake Drums & Rotors150/ton